Summer Nostalgia Recipes

Pictures belong to: up left: I Am a Food Blogdown left: Just a Tasteright: Pinch of Yum

Summer nostalgia recipes going through my head right about now. This week I decided to bring you three of my favorite blogs. A clean layout and impeccable pictures are the biggest qualities of a successful food blog. All three of these websites are masters in creating a clear picture of what you wish to be viewing when reading about food. I think that a minimalist layout is best as you concentrate on the content provided not on flickering, multi-colored adds or subscription boxes. On the other hand you first feast with your eyes so your pictures have to be flawless. Combine colors in your recipes but try not to overcrowd, keep it simple and fresh.

Now, if we’re talking about simple and colorful dishes I’ve selected one recipe from each of the three websites that I think is as simple as it gets and has an awesome color mix throughout. Topic is shrimp, feeling is fresh in other words it’s a light summer.

Shrimp and Avocado Salad with Miso Dressing by Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum has indulged our senses with a ‘Shrimp and Avocado Salad and Miso Dressing’. The vibrant, summer colors catch your eye first. Sunset-orange shrimp mixed with a cream to green avocado, light green cucumber and dark green spinach gives you the sensation of summer on the Californian coast. Colors invite you to dine but contrasts between taste and textures give you the full experience. The combination of butter, garlic and chilly is the holy trinity of any seafood dish. Add shrimp and cook in a pan until golden.

To contrast tastes and texture the spicy and garlicky shrimp have to be cooled down. What better way to do it than with refreshing, crispy cucumber? Add creamy avocado and deep, earthy spinach or kale and you are on your way to a successful dish. The only thing left is to bring all the ingredients together with the unique taste of the miso dressing and satisfaction is guaranteed. Thank you Pinch of Yum! You’re awesome!

Skinny Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles by Just a Taste

Just a Taste is next and brings us a light shrimp detox recipe with no starch. They call it ‘Skinny Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles’ and it’s really skinny. Throw out the pasta and think light with olive oil instead of butter. Use only non-saturated fat and no flour and egg. Wine, wine, wine you can never replace so smile, they will not replace your booze. It’s quick, light and fresh but also easy and fast. What more could you want?

One pan and three steps… I already love it. Make zucchini ‘pasta’ by cutting it on a mandolin lengthwise. Heat up a pan drizzle the olive oil and throw in the aromatics and shrimp. Deglaze the pan with white wine, lemon juice and add the zucchini noodles. That’s really it! No hard work just fast satisfaction. You are left only with the hard job of finishing the bottle of white wine. Thank you Just a Taste!

Squid Ink Pasta With Shrimp and Burrata Recipe  by I Am a Food Blog

I Am a Food Blog is on the stage now with an amazing ‘Squid Ink Pasta with Shrimp and Burrata’ recipe. Look at this plate with its Michelin star colour mix. Combine black pasta, pinkish shrimp, bright green peas and white creamy burrata cheese and observe the contrast. Doesn’t it look awesome? You could post this picture in any professional cookbook or food magazine.

On top of the colour contrast, taste and texture plays a huge role too. So we are taking about seafood. What better way to associate shrimp then with squid ink pasta? It screams of the sea. Fresh, bright green peas for a bit of crunch and creamy, lushes burrata cheese completes the dish. I honestly think that this plate is built on a well thought out concept namely the sea with a Mediterranean vibe. Also, the mix of textures and taste work perfect together as they go from crunchy to creamy and savoury to light but don’t split to far apart from the main theme. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thank you I Am a Food Blog!

So, to recap, keep in mind, colour, taste and texture. Presentation and feel is everything to food. Do it with love and care and you will have endless satisfaction.

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