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Miyabi Knives Line Japanese Design by Zwilling

As we all know Miyabi knives are some of the best Japanese style knives on the market today. By blending authentic Japanese knife design with German craftsmanship, Zwilling J.A. Henckels the owner of the Miyabi brand, has created a truly impressive collection of knives. In this article we will present the particularities of the Miyabi knives line as well as the main characteristics of a Miyabi knife.

Japanese Design and German Craftsmanship

Miyabi knives are made in Seki, Japan. A region very well known for bladesmithing. Actually it was here in Seki where some of the first katanas were made around 800 years ago. This region provides everything from rich iron mineral deposits to wood. Everything you need in order to build a knife and handle.

The japanese government banned weapon carrying in the late 19th century in Japan thus the qualified swordsmiths had to rebrand as knife smiths. So we can see that there is a very long tradition of blade smithing in Seki. Thus Zwilling J.A. Henckels, the well known Solingen based knife brand is still producing them in factories there. In this case the authenticity of a chef knife is maintained and blended with only the highest quality metal and German craftsmanship.

The Miyabi Knives Line

The Miyabi knives have an impressive product line ranging from pretty affordable knives to prices that we are already used to with Japanese knives. Here is a look at each knife line that Zwilling produces under the Miyabi brand.

The Miyabi Artisan Line

miyabi knives line artisan

With their hammered design the Artisan series knives are some of the most beautiful Miyabi knives to buy. There price range is somewhere in between $130 and $230 so pretty mid range for a Japanese knife. The Artisan line of knives is handmade and honed in Seki using the japanese style of blade making and german craftsmanship. The knife blades are very hard and last for a long time as they have a SG2 micro-carbide core which is covered in layers of stainless steel and nickel.

The Morimoto 600 S Line

miyabi knives line morimoto

This is probably one of the most affordable Miyabi knives line. These knives are designed by Masaharu Morimoto and produced by Zwilling. The knives feature a mixture of Japanese blade design with a European Handle. Also the blade is hardened by the Zwilling Friodur Ice process which makes for corrosion free hard blades.

The Miyabi Fusion Line

miyabi knives line fusion

Also designed by Masaharu Morimoto this Miyabi knives line features a super hard VG-10 steel core and a beautiful Damascus blade pattern. The blades are Cryodur hardened which makes them hold an edge for a extended period of time. The handle is a full tang western in style handle.

The Miyabi Kaizen Line

miyabi knives line kaizen

The term “Kaizen” in japanese means “change for the better”. A very good term for this knife line. The Kaizen series feature a japanese style damascus blade and a japanese style handle. The blade has a VG-10 super steel core and it is hardened by the Zwilling Cryodur process in order to create a lifetime lasting knife.

The Miyabi Birchwood Knives Line

miyabi knives line birchwood

The Miyabi Birchwood Knives are probably the most expensive knives from Miyabi. The beautiful Birch Burl wood handle is fixed by a eye catching mozaic pin. The blade is made by layers of damascus steel and Cryo hardened in the specific zwilling hardening process. This knife is not only beautiful but it can handle any job you put before it with professional precision.


The Miyabi knives line is pretty versatile. From paring knives to chef knives you can find everything in all knife series mentioned. The knives are 100% authentic, being made in Seki, Japan helped by german craftsmanship. The prices range from high to affordable you just have to pick the knife line that is best for you.