Interesting and Easy Desserts


Left photo belongs to: Ilarias Perfect Recipes; Right up to: Mama’s High Strung; Right down to: Kosher Kar

Interesting and easy Desserts.   

This week at Around the Web I want to bring three recipes that I stumbled upon while looking up desserts. As you all well know I’m not that great with making sweets. But I’ll try, I promise. Until then here are three recipes I find interesting enough to attempt and straightforward to make.

Authentic Gelatin-Free Panna Cotta by Ilarias Perfect Recipes

Ilarias Perfect Recipes brought forward an authentic dessert. Most of us had Panna Cotta at one point in our lives. But as you well know most of these light treats you get after a meal are made with one form or another of gelatine. It is true it takes 90 minutes longer to bake. But I always want to try the basics and compare the traditional to the modern. You should too.

Homemade Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake by Mama’s High Strung

Mama’s High Strung came up with what I think is a really easy and awesome tasting recipe. I think I’m a sucker for mixing chocolate and cherries but make it a fluffy chocolate cake infused with coffee and cherries. What do you think now? Well that can be done in 40 minutes and I appreciate I don’t have to work that hard. That’s why I don’t judge the use of the pie filling. I think you won’t either.

Blueberry Crumble Cupcakes by Kosher Kar

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? But a blueberry crumble cupcake sounds great to me. It’s really easy and straightforward to make. You make the cake and the crumble, and then you just assemble it. Mix together the cake ingredients and separately the crumble ingredients. All you have to do now is to pour the batter in the ramekins top with blueberries and crumble. Bake and enjoy. Awesome!