Best New Food Blog Recipes


Photos up belong to: Bottom of the Pot and Broad Appetite  Photos down belong to: My Blue and White Kitchen,  Two Red Bowls and Hortus

This week we bring you five new blogs from Around the Web that we at I Quick Food believe have most potential. Flawless photography and a clean layout throughout combined with great recipes and perfect writing are the keys to success of any best new food blog. We think Bottom of the Pot, Broad Appetite, My Blue and White Kitchen, Two Red Bowls and Hortus take into account all these aspects with care and consideration.  

Strawberries Macerated in Pomegranate Molasses with Rose Water Cream by Bottom of the Pot

This week we bring to you Bottom of the Pot, a Persian recipe blog that goes beyond. Scrumptious recipes and great writing are the blogs biggest pros. Let’s look at the mother’s day recipe. OK now, I know it’s not mother’s day, actually it’s a long time away but can you wait until then to try? I couldn’t! Strawberries, pomegranate molasses, rosewater and cream… This is heaven in a bowl and it really does bring you down memory lane. Great blog post and great recipe!

Sous Vide Rib Eye Cap by Broad Appetite

Broad Appetite is a blog that will not be ignored! First started of as a general recipe blog but then focused On Richmond, VA food culture. Clean and awesome photos and a friendly vibe is felt throughout the blog. Passion is the characterising word here, passion for food. Just look at this recipe. Best product combined with perfect cooking technique. Simple but perfect! And that’s not just it. Broad Appetite just started of with a podcast series together with co-host Nick Lattanzio from the blog Going out In Richmond. Fork it RVA is a funny and light show that is most informative of unique VA drinks and food. Baller show! You should listen!

Overnight Oats by My Blue and White Kitchen

Well leaves start falling and the outside cold makes us crave the cosiness of an indoor seasonal dish. My Blue and White Kitchen is all about Nordic food in season. Berries, nuts and mushrooms; beats pumpkin and fennel… I think you get the idea. A cosy friend and family get together next to the fireplace having dinner. But it’s not only about dinner and not only about friends and family. Check this recipe out! It implies breakfast (or snack) but it doesn’t really imply sharing… It’s just yours! Be greedy with it! Don’t share!

Apple Cider Crème Fraiche Caramels by Two Red Bowls

Candy anyone? You know who to trick or treat right now. Homemade, chewy sweet but also tangy caramels sound pretty awesome. Two red bowls is putting seasonal flavoured caramels on the table. But not those too sweet, butterscotch laced candies, these ones have a certain tanginess and a strong apple aroma. The recipe actually reminds me of autumn in the kitchen, next to the oven, waiting for the apple pie to get a crust. Awesome photography, a clean look and great writing is what Two Red Bowls is about!

A Sicilian Inspired Salad by Hortus

Awesome, awesome, awesome photography and blog design! Hortus will keep it real by showing you great recipes made out of unprocessed foods. All natural is the game here! Well there you go, a vegan but nourishing Sicilian inspired salad straight out of the garden. Cuscus, chickpeas, eggplant and zucchini will surely fill up your stomach while the dried tomatoes in olive oil and basil will bring a serious punch. Bring some sesame seeds in, a poached egg and there you go, a one-pot meal to enjoy. Dress it up and dig in!