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Seared Salmon Lemon Hollandaise Poached Egg and Caviar

Flaky fish with crispy skin, creamy but tangy lemon hollandaise, lushes poached egg and pop in your moth salty salmon caviar is one delicious dish. All salmon is what I want today! This dish is all about technique and perfect balance of flavors. First, you have to balance that hollandaise so it does not feel […]

Eggs Benedict with Crispy Bacon

I think I fell in love with eggs Benedict while at University in London. A small café next door to my flat was serving these awesome Benedicts. I had them almost daily for breakfast or even as snacks. All day breakfast! Creamy but light hollandaise, a lushes, runny poached egg and muffin bread is all […]

Seafood: Langoustines Mussels Calamari

Langoustines Mussels Calamari Seafood, seafood, seafood I really love my seafood. The sweet langoustine tails and the crabby taste of the claws with the taste of the sea brought out by the mussels, a creamy but fresh wine sauce and some calamari in-between make up a whole dish of the sea. Add thyme and garlic […]

Mussels in White Wine Sauce and Chorizo

This is probably one of those dishes that you do once and then try over and over again. I think this dish is perfect as lunch somewhere at the seaside where the salty air compliments the seafood. Mussels in white wine, butter and smoky chorizo with paprika and rosemary… Need I say more? Dip that […]


What do you eat on a searing hot day? Something fresh and light, fast and easy to make, something that will fill your belly but will not get you incapacitated at the end of the meal. I learned how to make ceviche from my Mexican friend who brought this recipe up at a late night […]

Apple Tarte Tartin and Vanilla Ice Cream

Apple tarte tartin? I rarely eat sweets. I think I’ve never really had a sweet tooth, throw a steak on the plate with a salad and I’m the happiest. Ok now… from time to time, probably more often for the past couple of years, I crave deserts. As I’m not that interested, I rarely prepare […]

Beef Tenderloin Mixed Baby Leaf Salad and Asian Dressing

Now here’s a little something I call the ‘Beef Tenderloin with Mixed Baby Leaf Salad and some Asian Dressing’, long name, I Know, but awesome tasting I promise! First you take a 7/9 oz (200g to 250g) piece of tenderloin and sprinkle on it vigorously, some ground black pepper, salt and some crushed coriander seeds, […]