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Halloween Pumpkin Cream Soup

Beware this is a vegetarian dish! No zombies allowed! A Spooky Pumpkin Cream Soup that should be devoured on Hallows’eve. All you witches get ready to brew a soup to save your life. Get your cauldrons out and check for mouldy bread. Check out for garlic, onion and a rotten pumpkin in your bed. Butter […]

Pro Camera and Lens for Food Photography

  Recommended Gear for High End Food Photography. Pro camera and lens.  Hey guys. It’s been two weeks since the last article in which we discussed basic gear for food photographers. Well as you can imagine, things are not quite so simple. Even though an entry level DSLR paired with a 50 mm lens will […]

Mustard and Chives Rack of Lamb

Well this was my first time cooking a rack of lamb… I wasn’t really sure about how to actually cook it but I knew I was going to use the pan to oven method, as this is the fastest. But not only speed is king here, also by searing the meat on all sides before […]

Panna Cotta

From a homemade, baked panna cotta to a gelatin fixed dessert. Panna cotta can be made in two different styles. Either by whisking cream, egg whites and sugar; baked and chilled or by adding gelatin to cream, milk and sugar and just chilled. Cooking time and texture are the differences between the two recipes. If […]

Best Camera for Food Photography

Hey guys and welcome to the series of food photography tips and tutorials by I Quick Food. During the following weeks we’ll post some, hopefully, great articles that will help you start off or greatly improve your food photography skills. What is the Best Camera and Lens for Food Photography? Let’s get into action. Food […]

Summer Nostalgia Recipes

Pictures belong to: up left: I Am a Food Blog; down left: Just a Taste; right: Pinch of Yum Summer nostalgia recipes going through my head right about now. This week I decided to bring you three of my favorite blogs. A clean layout and impeccable pictures are the biggest qualities of a successful food blog. All three of […]

Prawn Head Bisque

I think it was a Friday evening when after a couple of alcoholic beverages my friends suggested I should cook some prawns. So, knowing they are crazy about Indian flavors I made a fast prawn curry, that of course, to their outmost enjoyment. But now what? I was left with dozens of prawn heads. I […]

Amazing Autumn Selection Take 2

Top photos belong to: How Sweet Eats and Food 52. Bottom photos belong to: Love and Olive Oil, 101 Cookbooks and A Couple Cooks     1. Pumpkin Pancakes with Maple Mascarpone by A Couple Cooks Ok, there it is, classic recipe turned seasonal. If you didn’t get sick of pumpkin based recipes popping around in fall, here it is. A classic oat […]