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Chicken Thigh Recipes, Delish!

From left to right pictures and recipes belong to: The Kitchn, Reluctant Entertainer (up); I Am a Food Blog, Once Upon a Chef (down) Hello guys we’re back at Around the Web and this week we bring to you 5 awesome chicken thigh recipes that will melt in your mouth. I have to say that chicken is not […]

Baked Brie with Crispy Bacon Breadsticks

Are you having friends over for a bottle of wine and you don’t know what snack to serve? What about some creamy, decadent cheese delish on crispy starch and salty bacon? I’m talking about baked Brie and yes, your friends will be delighted. They’ll even deep your pretzels in that runny baked heaven. Brie originates […]

Broccoli Casserole All The Way

From left to right the pictures belong to: My Recipes, Pinch of Yum (up) Food Renegade, The Pioneer Woman and Damn Delicious (down) Hi guys we’re back at Around the Web and in 2015 we’ll bring you awesome recipes from all corners of the web, We are planning to select recipes that a great number […]

Chicken Liver and Fig Terrine

Recipe and picture belong to Studio MC2  and are provided by I Quick Food. Hi guys, This is my very simple Chicken Liver and Fig Terrine. Whenever you have guests over and want to impress with a awesome looking platter, this is it. It takes 30 minutes to prepare and 2 hours to set. So cook to […]

Interesting and Easy Desserts

Left photo belongs to: Ilarias Perfect Recipes; Right up to: Mama’s High Strung; Right down to: Kosher Kar Interesting and easy Desserts.    This week at Around the Web I want to bring three recipes that I stumbled upon while looking up desserts. As you all well know I’m not that great with making sweets. […]

What is a DSLR and do you really need one ?

What is a DSLR? Do you really need such a complex camera? We keep on talking about these cameras, but how do they acutally work? First of all the abbreviation SLR stands for Single Reflex Lens. DSLR just stands for Digital Single Relfex lens. The main difference is that DSLRs use digital sensors instead of […]

Best New Food Blog Recipes

Photos up belong to: Bottom of the Pot and Broad Appetite  Photos down belong to: My Blue and White Kitchen,  Two Red Bowls and Hortus This week we bring you five new blogs from Around the Web that we at I Quick Food believe have most potential. Flawless photography and a clean layout throughout combined with great recipes and perfect writing […]