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Miyabi Knives Line Japanese Design by Zwilling

As we all know Miyabi knives are some of the best Japanese style knives on the market today. By blending authentic Japanese knife design with German craftsmanship, Zwilling J.A. Henckels the owner of the Miyabi brand, has created a truly impressive collection of knives. In this article we will present the particularities of the Miyabi […]

Balsamic Caramelized Mushroom Crepes

We are having balsamic caramelized mushroom crepes with blue cheese and poached egg today. A pretty long title that is surely needed to understand the importance of every element in this dish. It is all about taste this time. Crack that poached egg inside and roll your crepe than take a big bite to get […]

Sunny Side Up Spinach Crepes

So did you guys enjoy our spinach crepes benedict? You would have them again today, right? I know. I would too but I’m very lazy now. You too? Well then check this out. So by cutting some corners I pulled another one out of the bag. This time quicker and easier. Are you ready? Now […]

Spinach Crepes Benedict with Prosciutto

This recipe might look like it takes long but if you plan ahead and get organized you’ll be amazed on how quick you can make Spinach Crepes Benedict. Well look, making the batter for the spinach crepes takes around 2/3 minutes right? You basically just have to blend all ingredients until you get a smooth […]

Pear Blue Cheese Salad with Walnuts

If you often have a big bowl of salad, don’t you get bored of the same lettuce over and over? So just improve it. Watercress, rocket, spinach or any baby leaves work great. Mix ’em up and you’ll have different flavors with every bite. I really like to mix up my salad and I try […]

Baby Spinach Salad with Pumpkin and Feta

Baby spinach salad with pumpkin and feta plus much more crunch. Perfectly toasted seeds and sweet roasted pumpkin salted with some creamy feta is all you need to dress up your earthy baby spinach. You’re almost there. Just spice it up with some finely cut red onion and dress it up with fruity olive oil. […]

No Yaki Teriyaki Chicken

From left to right, photos and recipes belong to: I Am a Food Blog, No Recipes, Table for Two Blog, Gimme Some Oven This week, at Around the Web, we bring you four awesome No “Yaki” Teriyaki Chicken recipes to bet your life on. Ranging from quick to slow cooked, the main characteristics are obvious, they’re very easy […]

Mushroom Egg Breakfast Pastry Tarts

So it’s Saturday, 11:00 A.M. You’ve probably been out on Friday and so a quick, delicious recipe with minimal effort should do it. Keep in mind to prep ahead of time and you’ll just have to crawl out of bed, turn the oven on and stick the Mushroom Egg Breakfast Pastry Tarts in. It has […]