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Top photos and recipes belong to: How Sweet Eats, Pinch of Yum. Bottom photos and recipes belong to: Skinny Taste, I Am a Food Blog, My New Roots


Hello and welcome to ‘Around the Web’ by I Quick Food.

This week I’ve selected five recipes from ‘Around the Web’ that I think are some of the best you could try on season. How Sweet Eats, Pinch of Yum, Skinny Taste, I Am a Food Blog and last but not least My New Roots have indulged us with some simple but awesome autumn dishes.

1. Chilly Garlic Shredded Kale salad… with fried Chicken by How Sweet Eats 

An awesome late summer to autumn recipe. Pretty simple but tasty and comforting kale salad and Fried chicken. The kale is rubbed with sesame oil, chilly and garlic paste until the flavours soak in. The chicken is crispy on the outside and moist inside without any nasty sogginess. Add peanuts to the dish and you have a perfectly balanced and tasty chicken salad bowl!   

2. 30 minute spicy turkey ancho chili by Pinch of Yum 

It really started getting cold outside so why not warm up with a hearty, spicy turkey and ancho chilly brought to you by Pinch of Yum. When you make this dish, home kitchen aromas float through the air. Onions garlic and minced turkey get mixed together with beens and ancho chilli making a smoky, hearty dish. Add farro and chill it down with salsa.Then just top it up with sour cream and dig in, it’s great!  

3. Crock Pot Sazon Pork Chops with Peppers, Olives and Potato by Skinny Taste

Still autumn, still a hearty dish but this time fall off the bone slow cooked. It takes a long time but I don’t think it gets more simple than this. You just have to season your meat and sprinkle flour. Then just add potatoes, peppers, olives, bay leaves and cilantro all together with 1/4 cup of water on top of the pork and wait. 

4. Honey Garlic Eggplant recipe by I Am a Food Blog

Hmm… talking about in season and simple, this recipe amazed me. Fried eggplant can be really turned up with a punch just by adding the perfect dressing. High-heat shallow fried, somewhat crispy but creamy in the middle eggplant with garlic, honey, soy sauce dressing is the way to go this fall. Just remember to top it up with some sesame seeds and green onion and enjoy!   

5. Late Summer Abundance Bowl by My New Roots

Well this recipe really caught my eye just from the picture at first but reading into it I found that it is fresh but protein rich and humongously flavourful. So, protein rich chickpeas get mixed in a bowl with a fresh tomato and cucumber salad. Add a flavourful coconut curry Sorghum and sprinkle cilantro. Just take a pick and try this recipe out! A light but protein rich and fresh, no meat dish.   


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