Amazing Autumn Selection Take 2


Top photos belong to: How Sweet Eats and Food 52Bottom photos belong to: Love and Olive Oil, 101 Cookbooks and A Couple Cooks 


 1. Pumpkin Pancakes with Maple Mascarpone by A Couple Cooks

Ok, there it is, classic recipe turned seasonal. If you didn’t get sick of pumpkin based recipes popping around in fall, here it is. A classic oat pancake dressed up for Halloween with a pumpkin in its hand. Oat pancakes with pumpkin puree, ground ginger, cloves and creamy mascarpone cheese but also drenched in maple syrup? Wow is it a trick or treat?

 2. Crispy Kale Grilled Cheese and fried Eggs by How Sweet Eats

How Sweet Eats will take the meat away this time but gives us eggs and cheeseususus. An amazing crispy baked kale with salt ground pepper and chili flakes placed on top of a mustard mayo spread. Plus a delicious melted harvarti cheese and a sunny side up would be the perfect breakfast. Try it out and you’ll love it!

 3. Sopa Verde de Elote by 101 Cookbooks 

Hey, 101 Cookbooks is bringing out a recipe inspired from Diana Kennedy’s Recipes from the Regional Cooks of Mexico published in 1978. It’s called Sopa Verde de Elote. Now don’t get scared by the fancy name! It’s really easy to make! The colour is bright and the taste is corn and pea sweet contrasted by the heat of the chili and cooled down by crème fraiche and a splsh of tangy lime.  

 4. Hard Squash Hummus by Food 52

A really cool fall recipe from Food 52 inspired from a dish found at San Francisco restaurant Bar Tartine. This recipe takes some time to cook but not much effort. You just wait 1 hour for the pumpkin to bake and 3 hours for it to rest. But wait! It lasts for a whole week in the fridge. Just cut the pumpkin and let it bake while you let the garlic poach. Add everything in the blender and blitz. Is that hard?

 5. Passion Fruit Bubble Tea by Love and Olive Oil

What are tapioca pearls? What is boba? Hmm I’m already curious. Love and olive oil is throwing away the grease and brings us a Thai inspired bubble tea. It’s getting pretty cold outside but we still think of summer or maybe some place in the tropics. So, why not indulge your melancholy with a warm black tea thickened by delicious almond milk and exotic passion fruit.